Penile Disassembly Procedure

Real Penile Lengthening Surgery, with or without penile prosthesis implant, remains the only surgical method of increasing flaccid and erect penis length.

“The only surgical method available to increase erect penis length.”

Real Penile Lengthening is the name of the penis enlargement operation designed to lengthen the actual shaft of the penis.

In order to achieve a true increase in penis length, the glans (head) of the penis is partially detached from the shaft.

The neurovascular bundles which connect to the penis glans are kept in place, and new tissue is grafted into gaps created along the middle of the penile shaft.

The NVBs are somewhat elastic, and can stretch (lengthen) as much as 2 inches, allowing new tissue to be added to the penile shaft.

Before Real Penis Lengthening Surgery – Length 1.5 inches.

Before Real Penile Lengthening Surgery

Kim, Moon, Penile Augmentation 1st ed. 2016 Edition

Space is made for new tissue to be grafted into the penis.  The glans (head) remains attached.

During Real Penile Lengthening

Care must be taken to preserve cavernosal arteries and the structural stability of the intercavernosal septum.

New tissue is grafted into the gaps created by the surgeon in the photo above.

After Real Penile Lengthening Surgery

Final Result : 2 inch gain in Flaccid and Erect length.

Result of Penis Enlargement Surgery

Real Penile Lengthening.

The procedure is higher risk and requires six months postoperative physiotherapy with a vacuum device to prevent delayed postoperative scarring and possible penile shortening.

A number of serious complications are common, including a risk of erectile dysfunction, necrosis, glans failure.