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Penis Enlargement Basics

Penis Enlargement Basics 2020

Simple Explanations

Options To Increase Penis Thickness

Option 1

Dermal Filler

( Penis Enlargement Injections )

Option 2

Stomach Fat

( Fat Transfer to the Penis )

  • modern method of penis enlargement using a filler with a firm texture, comparable to the feeling of a normal erection. Thickens the penis when flaccid and erect.
  • Increases the flaccid penis length in most cases, due to the weight of the filler and a scaffolding effect, providing a secondary benefit from the procedure.
  • Developed in 2002 in Seoul, Korea and now accounts for 90% of penis girth enlargements in South Korea. Now also used in Perth, Australia.
  • The result depends on the surgeon’s experience, and the exact filler used (poor quality fillers give a bad result).
  • Needs topping up after 15-18 months, sometimes sooner / later.
  • A cost of around £1,000 per year to maintain size. Estimate £20,000 over 20 years to maintain the new size.
  • Minimal new permanent penis tissue stimulated by the procedure.
  • The procedure is easily reversed, for example, if the patient changes to a partner preferring a smaller sized penis.

           Hyaluronidase enzyme can dissolve the filler in minutes,

in case you ever change your mind.

* Individual results may vary from person to person.

  • Transfer fat from an unwanted area such as the stomach, and inject fat into the penis.
  • Developed in the 1970s.  In and out of fashion over the past 45 years.
  • Lumpiness and fat reabsorption remain the major issues, addressed with further ‘top up’ surgery, usually performed in years 2, 3 and 4.
  • Kenalog 10 steroid injections can be used to soften hard lumps of necrotic fat and can be administered every few months following surgery to reduce any discomfort associated with fat nodule formation. In some cases, hard fat nodules can be surgically removed.
  • “The fat in my penis feels fatty”. Fat can feel soft in the penis, or

hard lumps can form – issues with texture.

  • You will likely require 3 to 5 fat transfer surgeries in total, spaced 6-18 months apart, to provide a smooth even result.
  • Fat can be stored for future top-up surgeries the following year.
  • Some of the fat may survive long term.

* Individual results may vary from person to person.

Recovery Time FILLER

7 Days 

Recovery Time FAT

6 Weeks


Cost Year 1


( 8ml Filler )


Cost Year 1


( First Fat Transfer Surgery )

No Surgery Required

Includes Platelet Rich Plasma

Includes PureGraft

Includes 18 months Free Fat Storage
( For Further Fat Transfer Surgery )

Additional Procedures Required?


To Top Up the reabsorbed filler.

Additional Procedures Required?


To Top Up the reabsorbed fat.

You will likely need more than 1 fat transfer surgery.

Fat Transfer Additional Procedures – Called ‘Top Ups’

Year 2 – £1,040 ( £260 x 4ml )

Year 3 – £1,040

Year 4 – £1,040

Year 5 – £1,040

*Estimated costs, varies from patient to patient

Year 2 – £5,000 (reduced rate), or included free with Stored Frozen Fat

Year 3 – £5,800 (Additional Surgery / Top Up)

Year 4 – £5,800  (Additional Surgery / Top Up)

Year 5 – £5,800  (Additional Surgery / Top Up)

3-5 fat transfer surgeries should be sufficient

– in most cases –

to get a reasonably smooth result.

Some of the transferred fat will remain long term.

*Estimated costs, varies from patient to patient.

Penis Enlargement Injections

Estimated costs over 5 years £7,010

10 years £10,400

Penis Fat Transfer

Typical cost over 5 years: £22,600

( £ Depends on the number of surgeries needed )

* Individual results may vary from person to person.

Filler or fat can be reabsorbed at a faster or slower rate.

In highly unusual cases, filler or fat can reabsorb in a matter of months.

This is uncommon, unexpected, and impossible to predict in advance.


Downsides associated with the procedure.


  • Like the fat transfer surgery, multiple filler procedures are required over a lifetime to maintain the increased girth.
  • The filler must be moulded smooth by the patient in the first week.
  • If you do nothing, all of the filler will have gone in 2-3 years.
  • Infection is a risk and can occur with any medical procedure.  This is treated by prescribing antibiotics for 1 week following the procedure.

Example of Infection

  • Infection – red, raised, painful and needs to be addressed urgently with antibiotics, draining the infection, and dissolving the filler in the affected area.
  • The risk of infection can occur at any time following a procedure and is one reason why permanent fillers are a bad idea. It is important to be able to dissolve away filler if something unexpected should occur. Infection can also occur after fat transfer surgery.
  • Please let your surgeon know if you are allergic to penicillin.


  • In order for the fat to survive in the penis, it has to get a blood supply (vascularise).

Fat does not exist naturally in the penis. It is difficult for fat moved to the penis to reliably and evenly survive. Filtering methods, or using P.R.P. may have some minor benefit

In some areas, the fat will get a blood supply and live.  In other areas, the fat will die.  In almost all cases the result is lumpiness, addressed with top-ups to fill in the gaps.

Massaging the fat is of limited benefit in getting a smooth result.  The fat will survive wherever it can get a reliable source of blood to re-vascularise. This is not related to massage.

  • Fat graft clumping: formation of hard nodules, lumps, various deformities
  • Damage to the penile tissue, scarring and necrosis.
  • As with Filler procedures, an infection can occur after a Fat Transfer.
  • “Additional fat transfer top-ups are needed to smooth over areas where the fat hasn’t survived”
  • “Any hard lumps of calcified fat can always be surgically removed if necessary”
  • The Androfill clinic provides free removal of hard fat nodules for the first two (2) years after your initial fat transfer.

Hard Fat Nodules.


Fat Transfer to the Penis

“…disappointing results … disfigurement, scarring, lumpiness and infection.”

More Information

Patients who desire to have augmentation must clearly understand that initially there will be a fullness and swelling of the areas of the transplanted tissue, and that multiple or additional procedures may be required to maintain the desired girth enhancement and to smooth out any irregularities.”

“Fat has repeatedly been tried. The problem with fat is that it does not always survive leaving irregular lumps and scars. When it does work, the penis takes on the texture of fat. How erotic is a wider, somewhat irregular penis with the consistency of a marshmallow?”