Genuine Penis Enlargement Injections

( Determining the exact type of penis filler you are receiving )

We are sometimes told that other clinics are offering filler for less.

An established andrology clinic in the UK offers 40ml of undisclosed filler for £5,640.

It is unlikely to be genuine Voluma filler.

There is plenty of filler available on the market for very little cost.

40ml of Macrolane, for example, could be injected for around £1,700 at Androfill.  But the result is going to be sub-optimal.

Other inferior substitute fillers include the Yellow Tip variety below used in other clinics.

Why not ask your doctor to see the box of filler you are getting.

If your filler doesn’t look like the photos below, then it is probably not genuine.

  • Note pharmacist signature.
  • Tracking details on side photo and enclosed packet.
  • Ideally, they should match.
  • In this case, we kept box Lot 700040 sealed, and the photographed packet is from another box, Lot 60550.
  • Blue grey tip (not yellow or any other colour).

Androfill filler has the stamp of the doctors’ dispensary.

A pharmacist has signed the box assuring us of the filler’s authenticity.

The filler can be tracked back to the manufacturer.

(A syringe of genuine Voluma filler)