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10 ml
€310 par ml
Dure jusqu'à 18 mois *
Le plus souvent, 50% de la charge restera entre 12 et 18 mois*
10 ml
€340 par ml
Remplisseur HA à durée plus longue Dure jusqu'à 2 ans *
Le plus souvent, 50% de la charge restera à 18-24 mois*
Pluryal Volume
10 ml
€250 par ml
Dure jusqu'à 18 mois *
Le plus souvent, 50% de la charge restera entre 12 et 18 mois*
Ellansé 'E' 4 Year
10 ml
€395 par ml
La version E ou étendue dure jusqu'à 4 ans *
Le plus souvent, 50% de la charge restera à 4 ans*

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Penis Filler 1 – Voluma

( Our most popular penis filler is also our safest – Voluma Hyaluronic Acid )

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Voluma is the most popular filler used in Penis Girth Enlargement and is an excellent choice for first-time patients.

An 8 ml or 10 ml procedure will suit most 1st time patients, resulting in a noticeable increase in penis girth.


(Notre remplisseur de pénis le plus populaire est également notre plus sûr – l’acide hyaluronique Voluma)

Voluma est le produit de remplissage le plus populaire utilisé dans l’élargissement de la circonférence du pénis et est un excellent choix pour les nouveaux patients. Une procédure de 8 ml ou 10 ml conviendra à la plupart des patients pour la première fois, entraînant une augmentation notable de la circonférence du pénis.

Penis Filler 2 –VOLUX

( VOLUX Hyaluronic Acid )

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Volux is a new filler designed by Allergan to be slightly firmer and longer lasting than Voluma.

It may be slightly more difficult to mould smooth, particularly for first time patients.

We recommend first time patients continue to use Voluma.

Box of Volux Image

“If you’re unsure of which filler you are getting, ask your doctor to see the box.”

“The type of filler used is critical to the outcome of the procedure.”

Penis Filler 3 – Teyosal Ultra Deep

( A very firm ‘expert filler’ for advanced Androfill patients )

Box of Teosyal Ultra Deep Filler

Teosyal Ultra Deep is a very firm filler giving a harder final result (in most cases harder than a normal erection).

Added care must be taken during injection and moulding to ensure an optimal cosmetic and functional result.

Ultra Deep is not recommended for first-time patients and must be injected in smaller volumes using a unique injection method.

Patients may experience tenderness for up to 1 month following injection with this filler.

The filler is generally more durable than Voluma and is not as easy to dissolve or alter.

The filler comes in a 1.2 ml syringe and is priced at £336 per syringe (or £280 per ml).

Penis Filler 4 – Ellansé ‘E’

( A long-lasting collagen bio-stimulator filler – Up to 4 Years).

Box of Ellanse E Filler

Benefits :

Cheaper than Hyaluronic Acid fillers over the long term as the filler lasts up to 4 years, depending on the type used.

Ellansé S – 1 year

Ellansé M – 2 years

Ellansé L – 3 years

Ellansé E – 4 years

Ellansé works by stimulating collagen production.

Immediate results and a longer lasting alternative to Hyaluronic acid.

Ellanse is reabsorbed and passed out of the body over 2 to 4 years.

Downsides :

Ellansé cannot be dissolved away like Hyaluronic Acid – this makes Ellansé a higher risk filler.

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Filler Types: Dissolvable (Hyaluronic) vs not-dissolvable (Ellanse).

Hyaluronic acid filler (H.A.)

(Lower Risk)

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance made by the body.

H.A. fillers are generally very safe (used commonly in the lips and face), and have a low complication rate.

H.A. fillers are biocompatible and can be dissolved away (reversing the procedure if necessary).

  • Safer (Lower Risk)

  • H.A. is naturally present in the body

  • Used for 15 years in the penis (South Korea since 2002)

  • Reversible (safety aspect)

  • Able to be dissolved (Hyaluronidase)

  • Alterable after final result

  • Low complication rate

  • Can be used in Glans Penis (Penis Head)

  • Smooth (with Androfill technique)

  • Firm (with Androfill technique)

  • Lasts 18 months (on average)

  • Budget £1,000 – £1,500 per year (10 years £10-15 k)

  • Main complications: Infection (low risk when taken with antibiotics), granuloma possible (rare).

Hyaluronic acid fillers are safe and effective for penis augmentation.

Ellansé filler

(Higher Risk)

Ellansé is a polyester comprised of Polycaprolactone microspheres.

Ellansé encourages the production of new collagen. It is biodegradable and slowly leaves the body over a number of years as it breaks down.

Once Ellansé is injected, it cannot be dissolved away or altered, which makes it higher risk than HA.


(Biodegradable Polyester / PCL)

Ellanse E Filler

  • Less Safe (Higher Risk)

  • Artificial Substance (Polyester / PCL / Plastic)

  • Used in the penis for 2 years (since 2016)

  • Irreversible (the filler can’t be dissolved away once placed)

  • Non-alterable (the substance remains for 4 years)

  • Can’t be used in Glans Penis (Penis Head)

  • Smooth (with Androfill technique)

  • Firm (with Androfill technique)

  • Can last 4 years (Ellanse ‘E’)

  • Less expensive per year (if no complications occur)

  • Main complications: Granuloma (hard lumps forming in the penis), infection, other tissue reactions.

    Treating a complication caused by Ellanse can be expensive and may cause permanent penis damage.

    Due to the higher risk of complications, Dr Horn prefers Hyaluronic acid fillers to Ellansé.