Fat Transfer Penis Enlargement

Fat Transfer Penis Enlargement Surgery involves two surgical procedures that are completed during the same hospital visit.

In the first procedure, fat is liposuctioned from the abdomen or thighs. The fat is then filtered so that fat cells are isolated and other material is discarded. Next, the fat is injected around the penile shaft using bespoke injection techniques to ensure fat survival.  As fat transfer cells come from the patient’s own body, there is no risk of allergic reaction.

The penile skin is thin in the area between the skin and the penile shaft, and this area does not have a rich blood supply. As a result, fat grafting to the penis has traditionally proven unreliable, with the main side effect being lumpiness, caused by fat necrosis.

It is critical that the fat transferred to the penis is pure, and the fat cells remain intact.  To this end, surgeon Dr Horn uses LipiVage.

LipiVage creates a closed circuit from the fat donor site (typically the stomach, flanks and lower back) to the fat recipient site (the penis).

The closed-circuit improves the rate of fat survival and reduced the risk of infection as fat is not as exposed to the air during removal and transfer.

LipiVage for Penis Fat Transfer

Penis Thickness can be Significantly Increased*

Penis Fat Transfer Results

With advanced techniques in fat harvesting, transfer and reinjection, we are able to achieve the highest rate of fat survival possible.

30-40% gain in girth is possible.

*Individual results may vary from person to person.

This system also prevents inflammatory reaction and fat necrosis, leading to much higher rates of fat graft survival and a less lumpy result.

Use of the LipiVage filtration system increases long-term fat survival rates significantly.